Maybe the kids are done with their math curriculum. Done as in, they refuse to put any effort into it no matter how hard you try. Or, it’s possible you have a special needs child and have yet to figure out how to effectively teach them. Of course, you could be that mom who is just having one of those days. Or months. Or years. Whatever the challenge is, it’s alright to admit that you need a break, you don’t need to feel guilty about it. There is a reason in that the Lord commanded the Israelites to have a day of rest, a sabbath. Six days were spent working hard. Whether it was plowing the field, harvesting the grain, or pressing olives, there was always work that needed to be done. Hard work at that. Physically and emotionally, God’s people needed a rest.

You work hard. You are care for their children. Their daily needs, their educational needs, emotional, spiritual; the whole nine yards. When planning your upcoming year, why not look ahead for possible opportunities to “recharge your battery?” Instead of reaching your breaking point this next year, plan to set aside some time to regain some momentum and strength so you can keep on going strong the whole year long.

Homeschool convention

Homeschool convention

Consider a family trip to a homeschool convention. Usually a few days long and designed with families in mind, conventions can be a great place to get your entire family excited about your homeschooling ventures. Meet new like-minded families while gleaning from seasoned homeschool veterans.

Couple's getaway

Couples getaway

Even if it’s just a weekend getaway to the next town over, think about planning a few days with just you and your spouse. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just you and your spouse. No kids. You love them, yes, but one or two nights away can actually be a huge security booster for them, knowing that their parents love one another and want to spend time with each other speaks volumes.

Parent child date night

Parent/child date night

To be honest, I used to think these were cheesy. I just didn’t “get” it, until I tried it. The dynamic of having just one child with me, whether we go out to dinner, mini-golfing or somewhere for ice-cream, is completely different than if I have the whole crew. So much of their personality is exposed when they are separated from their siblings. They are used to being with each other most of the time so this is a unique experience and opportunity to really get to know each individual child. It’s precious.

Homeschool moms retreat

Homeschool mom retreat

Sometimes you just need to get away with other moms. To laugh. To compare war stories. To cry. To learn. I’m sure if you tried hard enough you’d find a reason to go to one! There is just something about being with other women who are in the same stage of life as you. It’s empowering, encouraging and refreshing.



When we get so busy in our everyday routine it’s easy to miss the beauty found directly in front of us. For eight years I’ve lived in an area that is famous for a certain staurolite crystal found in only a few places around the world. I’ve driven by the location dozens of times but never took the time to actually go and search for these crystals. Finally, on my husband’s birthday we made a point to go to this place. It seriously was only a ten minute drive from the house. We parked alongside the busy highway and saw the trail that the locals always talked about. It was amazing. Everywhere you looked you could find one of these crystals. My kids came home with piles and piles of them. My husband had even more than they did. Your town, city or state might have more to offer than you realize. Plan a day or weekend to visit a place in your area that you have yet to explore!