I’m not just a homeschool mom!

During a recent time of anxiety and feeling rather unsettled, I began pondering the source of this stress.

It was the kids…it was the schedule…it was too much activity…it was the church…it was the lack of activity…it was the house…it was everything and yet nothing I could single out.

Stress for a homeschool mom can be like a storm

If only someone else could look at my life and put a finger on the problem. I was sure someone had to have some insight.

If only…

Things were definitely out of kilter.

I was spending time in the Word, praying daily, nurturing my children and taking care of business. I was doing all I needed to do.

Or was I?

I was neglecting someone very important and I was about to get a wake up call that went something like this:

“How come this calendar is filled with stuff for the kids and nothing else?”

“That’s how I keep track of things.”

“What about me? How do I get on the calendar?”

“What do you mean? I cook and clean and make sure things run smoothly.”

“But what about me? When do I get some time?”

“Has your dinner ever been late? Have you ever left the house with dirty clothes?”

“But what about spending your energies on US?”



The missing link was right in front of my face. My HUSBAND, our MARRIAGE, the basis and foundation of our family! Yep. THAT’S what was missing!

Husbands want a wife and a partner, not a cook and maid.

With this revelation also came a memory of a marriage book I had purchased with good intentions and never got to use. Now was a real good time to bring it out and look it over!

If you find yourself in a similar situation, there are plenty of “help” books out there. Though it’s not always easy to follow through with the learning and working, it does bear much fruit in marriage!

When I placed my priorities back into their proper order: God, Husband, Kids… then things finally settled and household peace took over once again!

It was ironic that ADDING a responsibility with purposefulness caused life to become LESS hectic and stressful. But it’s true!

And, I believe that God will honor any sacrifice made to loving your spouse His way and fill your home and marriage with peace.

Check out some books to encourage your marriage at Rainbow Resource Center!