In part 1 and 2 we took a look at how and why we moms need to take care of ourselves physically and spiritually. Now let’s look at taking care of ourselves emotionally.

Many times, when we are taking care of ourselves physically and spirituality, our emotional nature is also in check. Our emotions are so closely tied to how we are feeling and how those around us are feeling that separating them out can be tricky.

Here are some ways we can take care of ourselves emotionally.

Feel down? Take some time each day and go outside and smell the fresh air and feel the sunshine on your face. It’s been proven that Vitamin D is a natural mood booster. And, natural Vitamin D is only found in the sun’s rays.

Feeling stressed? Grab your music player of choice loaded with your favorite music, your headphones, and your tennis shoes. Go for a walk! 20-30 minutes is optimal, but even 10-15 minutes will help get the blood pumping, loosen tight muscles and help get your mind off of the problems at hand. Who knows, you may even find the answer you’re looking for! I know many times when faced with a problem that I had no answer to, a walk with some praise music gave me a new insight into a solution.

Feeling stressed but the weather is too bad to go out? Take a hot soak in the tub. Using ½ cup Epsom Salt (good for sore muscles) and 10 drops of Lavender essential oils plus 20 minutes in a tub of hot water can seriously improve your stress levels and emotions!

Have too much to do and feel overwhelmed? Grab a piece of paper, and write it ALL down in one big “brain dump”. Next, grab another piece of paper and write down the things that absolutely positively must be done that day! Use that shortened list to tame your must-dos and the large list to hold all your to-dos. Then, tomorrow, repeat your short list with a new piece of paper. Think of the large list as the elephant and the small list as the nibbles you can feasibly take each day.

Need to laugh? If you’re pressed for time, call a friend. If you are able, make a lunch or dessert date to just get out of the house with that friend. Enjoy time to gab and laugh and catch up! Sisters in arms are precious resources from the Lord! Don’t forget that laughter is good for you too!


What are some ways you take care of yourself emotionally?