Turns out Wee Babe’s dictionary is different than mine for his favorite word/word of choice/only word for months and months. It’s a great word. One of the very best words. The word I would choose if he was going to say only one word for quite awhile. It’s just that I had no idea it had quite this many meanings.

So, here is what Wee Babe’s dictionary says, not Webster’s.

ma•ma /mah-muh/


  1. woman I adore
  2. woman who needs to get something for me
  3. only person who can get something for me
  4. healer of all injuries by smoochy kisses
  5. person who will come pick me up out of my crib when I sound pitiful enough and will give me a snuggle


  1. lovely, delightfully pleasing
  2. dear or cherished
  3. resembling a person who can get something for me


  1. to be emphatic, firm, or resolute in a matter, usually said in a strong tone (syn. insist)
  2. to prevail on as by urging, especially said in a sweet sing song voice (syn. persuade)
  3. to challenge or dispute


  1. help
  2. help immediately, as in now
  3. an explanation of surprise, wonder or elation
  4. used derisively to question the comprehension, intelligence or common sense of a person being addressed

Consider this your language lesson for the day/week.

You’re welcome.

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