Congratulations! Either you’ve just had a baby or recently found out that you’re expecting.

How exciting! A new bundle of joy to bring smiles, fun and laughter into your home. What a blessing it will be for your other children. Not only will it teach them the values of servant hood but it will instill within them a compassion that only a baby in the home can provide. Even your “difficult” child’s heart will soften. It may take a few weeks. They may seem aloof and take a step back for a time but they will come around, eventually. Don’t be afraid to ask them to help with menial tasks. You might be surprised to see walls and barriers that have been built up around them fall down when holding or helping with your newborn.

Once your little one is ready to venture out in public with you, people will ask you, “how do you do it?” (as if they don’t ask you that already!) You will simply smile and say, “by the grace of God.” Then, you’ll take a moment to pause and thank him for his grace because you honestly have no idea how you do it. You’ll look back at those first few weeks of sleepless nights and days you “skipped school” only to remember the quality time spent with your family, not the lessons missed or time lost. Because not all is lost, much has been gained. A new member of your family has been added. A new brother or sister. A future student of your homeschool, a child of God. What an honor it is to raise this new one. Even though it is only a baby it is a person that will become a man or a woman that will be a powerful influence in this world. Sure, there sacrifices that will be made, diapers to be changed, schedules to be adjusted and new expenses to be added. In the long run what really matters is the time and love you invested into this new child. You’ll figure it out. Many have gone before you and many will come after you. Some have had twice as many children as you, so if they could do it, so can you!

If you were hoping for some secret formula or “10 Easy Tricks To Homeschooling with a Newborn,” this is not that. Instead I want you know that I am excited for you and hope that you know that you’ve got this. We’ve recently welcomed a new baby into our home and we are blessed beyond measure! The schoolwork gets done but most importantly our family is growing closer together because of the new responsibilities. Be encouraged, this new baby is a blessing and will bring you much joy!