It seems like my three boys never stop eating. They literally ask for something to eat every half hour. It drives me crazy. I finally got smart and decided to use a snack box system with a day’s worth of snacks in each one. They know not to ask after they are gone. But, they are growing boys and need good food for a successful day of homeschooling and playing.

I start our day with a very nutritious breakfast of egg and toast. Sometimes I make French toast or pancakes. We also have cereal once in a while. I have found that the protein from the eggs fills them up for a longer period of time. It also isn’t filled with sugar like most breakfast foods.

We have a lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (they LOVE them and I am glad to let them have their favorite this time of day) and a piece of fruit or yogurt. They eat what I eat for dinner every night.

Snacks are important because it is a great opportunity to make wise choices about what goes into our bodies. Our snack box system works great because I get to choose some of the snacks and the boys choose some. They each have a different colored box with their names on them. After breakfast, we each pick one thing to put in the boxes.

Some of the choices I give them are:

  • Protein bars (I try to buy ones that have the least amount of sugar)
  • Fruit- bananas, apples, clementines, grapes
  • Rice cakes with peanut butter
  • Cheese crackers
  • Cheese sticks or chunks
  • Yogurt (usually one with protein or probiotics)
  • Pretzels
  • Nuts


They get to choose one or two items depending on what the items are. I like to give them a piece of fruit and the boys usually choose a protein bar. I have to veer them in the direction of the yogurt or applesauce.

These kinds of snacks are what works for my family. Although some would say it doesn’t look very healthy, it is healthy for us. We enjoy these kinds of foods and my boys are healthy and strong. I know veggies are not listed as a snack option. I have tried and tried to get them to like veggies. They are resilient…and stubborn. I love veggies and eat them with just about every meal. I also “hide” the veggies in their food. So they do get a balance of foods.

Homeschooling keeps me busy all day long. My boys like to play hard outside or in their room. They need energy and so do I. Having healthier options for snacks in very important to my family. We very rarely have cookies and sweets. The only candy they get is from others (Awana, co-op, grandparents). Candy makes them silly. But, I like for them to enjoy life a little too.

Remember to do what works for your family. Help your children to make wiser choices with the foods they eat. Teach them about what each food contains and how those ingredients help your body grow and learn more.

Go to Rainbow Resource Center’s website for lots more options for eating healthy and teaching children about food.