Dear Mom,

I know it is not easy. From the first day you decided to homeschool your children; emotions were high and the excitement was at it’s peak, till now, when the school year is coming to a close, the pressure is on. Throughout this time, the challenges of daily life reared their ugly heads. The doubts surfaced and the fears tried to overtake you. But, they didn’t overtake you. You made it this far and you can keep going. What keeps you going? Knowing that you are in the will of God? Knowing that you are doing your best for the sake of your children? Knowing that in the end, they will thank you for the time and energy you invested in their lives?

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and I just want to pause and remind you that it is worth it. It’s worth the sacrifice, the pain and the struggles. Pouring into your children’s lives, is worth everything that you have given and given up. Take the time to pause and reflect on the growth of your children over the past few months, or years if you have been homeschooling them that long. What positive changes have you seen? Naysayers can fill our minds with all that they might be missing, (socialization, prom, school sports, the school band etc.) but what have they gained? What character traits have you seen them grow in? Focus on the good in your children and praise them for it.

Maybe one of your children has a long way to go in certain areas, but don’t lose heart. Just reorganize, refocus and regroup. The tools are right at your fingertips. Ask veteran homeschool moms for advice and ask the Lord for wisdom. You might even want to consider changing course a little bit or taking your child aside and working with him one-on-one for a short time each day. Sometimes the power of quality time with mom will do wonders.

Remember, they will not stay little forever. We sometimes get annoyed when strangers in the grocery store look admiringly at our youth and tell us this, but it is true. We have learned by now that it isn’t always easy, but we know for certain that it is worth it, which is why we keep on going.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day!

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