If you would have told me 10 years ago I would be the mother of three boys, I would have laughed. Not in a silly way, but in a shocked way. Like, there is NO way that would happen. Fast forward to now, the shock of it has worn off. But, it is still kind of funny. God has a wonderful sense of humor because I know nothing about boys. I was always very “prissy” (as my mom says) and never played in dirt or with bugs or slithery animals. Eww!

All three of my boys are “ALL BOY”. There are no tea parties. There are no dollies. There are no cute little clothes. All of their clothes have holes in them (from rough housing with one another and being wild 24/7). It is constant energy and constant physical roughness. But, they are all mine. Haha.

Although they tend to be a little rough and tumble, I find it very important to instruct them about how to treat a lady. My husband is very good about showing them how to open doors for girls and help out around the house and such. About two years ago we decided that I would take them each out individually on a “date”. They got to pick the restaurant (usually Chick fil a because of the play area).

On our dates we discuss different things that have been happening. For instance, with Thanksgiving coming up I would ask them about their favorite memories and foods. The conversation is important because I find out new things about each of them. As we enjoy our food I get to just relish in being with that one child. One on one time is crucial in order to become closer.

After we eat, they choose one other activity to do before we go for dessert. One of my sons loves to go to the pet store and look around. Another one likes to go to Walmart and walk around (I find that funny because we don’t even buy anything, we just walk around). My youngest son just plays in the play area for a while (he is only three).

Once we finish our activity we head over to a frozen yogurt store or ice cream store and enjoy some yummy treats. Once in a while we go to a coffee shop and drink hot cocoa. When we are together we hold hands and laugh and take silly pictures together. It has given me a great appreciation for my guys. They also look forward to having special time with just mommy.

About two or three times a year my husband will take them out individually. He talks to them about “man stuff” and gives them guidance on how to treat their mommy. I love that he loves them so much and cares enough to tell them the truth about life.

“Dating” my sons has become such a treat to me. I get to see them away from their brothers and get to heart of certain issues. It has made me realize that who they are isn’t based on how they act with their siblings. They are individuals who have different needs, emotions, and desires. Taking them out gives me that chance to really get to know them on a deeper level outside of the homeschooling, normal, everyday life situations. They are really awesome boys who have lots of love to give. I will enjoy every minute of it.