Though making the right curriculum choice is one of the first things homeschoolers want to get ticked off their list, it isn’t the only thing that is going to educate your children. Regardless of the curriculum or resources that we choose for our kids there will be other things that fill up our day, and will be significant learning opportunities for our kids.

Every so often – be it the beginning of a school year, the beginning of a term, or the beginning of a new season of focus, it is good to take stock of what is going on in your family life, and in the life of each of your children, to see what can be considered as a learning experience.

Family life – Each family life offers different things:

Church – whether your kids go to Sunday School or sit through the sermon, they are learning a Bible lesson, as well as skills such as group participation or note taking. They can learn to serve by setting up chairs, being on the sound desk, helping with collecting the offering, doing a Bible reading, being on the music team etc. Teens can help run a Bible study or Sunday school.

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