My husband and I have always been “Star Wars Geeks”. I absolutely love the movies. My aunt got me into them when I was a kid. My boys have only ever seen one of the movies and that was very recently. We are very careful of what they watch. Even before they watched the movie, they were already obsessed. They have many of the Lego sets and many books.

I want to talk about how to incorporate their love of Star Wars into homeschooling. A lot of people (especially those who don’t homeschool) may not know there are hundreds of opportunities to learn through Star Wars. We have made it a huge part of our homeschool. I tried to avoid it at first thinking it was just nonsense to include it in our learning. Boy, was I mistaken. Their learning has taken off at full speed every since I began incorporating Star Wars each week.

Here are some ways to incorporate Star Wars into your homeschool day:

  1. Legos – pretty self explanatory but I will elaborate on how we use this for learning. Think engineering. A Star Wars Lego set can be pretty complicated. It takes some thought and concentration to put together. It also takes effort to keep your little brother from destroying it every chance he gets. Putting together a starship requires a higher level of motor skills and deep thinking. My boys have put together many ships and different sets over the years. It is one of their favorite things to do. Here are some great Lego sets to choose from.
  2. Books – Star Wars books are plentiful. Last summer, at our library, we discovered hundreds of these books. We checked every one of them out. We read every one of them. It was also during our library’s summer reading program. They were amazed at how many books my boys devoured during that 8 week period. The books range from picture books to beginner readers to chapter books. Here are some books to get you started on your Star Wars reading journey.
  3. Art – There are plenty of ideas to use Star Wars for art. You can draw your own free-hand pictures of the character or ships. You can also use coloring books or print outs of different scenes. Painting is something we are working on. Anything you choose to do with art, Star Wars can be added.
  4. Games – This franchise has many games available. There is a Monopoly Star Wars Game, Risk Star Wars Game, and even a Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling Game. Learning through play is huge in our homeschool. We love all of these games and the idea of them being Star Wars makes them even more appealing to us.

I know Star Wars is huge in a lot of homes. I love that my boys love it. But I also want them to love learning. When we incorporate their favorite things into their learning it becomes something they actually enjoy. I have seen the results for myself.