At Christmas time we start thinking about giving gifts – even though we know Christmas isn’t all about the presents. It isn’t a bad thing to give gifts to those we love.

Christmas though is just one day – or maybe just a season of a few weeks. I find it challenging to think at this time about how I am carrying these attitudes that come so easily at Christmas time, to the rest of the year. Am I keen to be joyous, am I thankful for the gift Christ was/is, am I willing to be a person who gives.

There are more ways to give than just to give gifts that are wrapped in pretty paper, for example:

  • We can give of our talents – can you help in particular areas because of your knowledge or abilities? Whether that is a natural gift or a learnt skill – each one of us has something that can help others. In a world that charges for every service, giving freely is truly a gift.

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