Teens are notorious for acting embarrassed by parental demonstrations of affection – in public, at least. The fact is, however, that they’re going through tremendous emotional, physical, and hormonal changes and they need to know how much they are loved. So, what are some non-embarrassing ways to show your teens you love them?

1. Listen. Listen to them when they talk to you – really listen, don’t just nod along. Sometimes it’s just as important to hear what they aren’t saying as it is to hear the actual words.

2. Look at them. I am guilty of doing other things while listening to my kids, which means I’m not giving them my undivided attention. Sometimes, our kids need us to look at them when they talk so they know that they are the most important thing to us in that moment.

3. Talk. Spend time talking with your teens. Tell them about your day, about what life was like when you were their ages, what you’re struggling with.

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