You sacrifice your time, energy, money and whole being to care for your children. Certainly, they must know you love them! You provide them thoughtfully prepared meals, a stellar education and you are actively involved in their lives. A recipe for a strong relationship, right? Not necessarily.

Even when we are around our children for the better part of the day, we still need to remember to actively show them that we care. They need to know they are an important and integral part of the family. Here are 16 ways you can remind your child you care in 2016.


1. Smile

Let your child know you are happy to see them! Don’t hold grudges or expect the worst. Flash a smile and show your child you accept them just the way they are.


2. Write A Letter

This is especially powerful when coming from Dad. Have him write a letter before he leaves for work in the morning and surprise your child with it. It will brighten up their day!


3. Physical Touch

Give a hug to say I love you or place a hand on their shoulder to say you approve. Determine this year to take the time out to show affection to your child.


4. One on One Time

Take one child with you next time you have an errand to run. They will feel special and loved as you spend this one on one time with them, even if it is a simple, everyday task. If you have more than one child, be sure to take turns, allowing each one to spend quality time with you!


5. Words of Affirmation

They receive plenty of correction and discipline throughout the day so be aggressive in your attempt to speak positive and encouraging words that will boost their self-esteem.


6. Provide Opportunities to Shine

Don’t hover and force older kids to share or take turns. Give them a chance. Teach them how to act and then give them the opportunity to do it on their own. When they do, praise them for their kindness!


7. Let them Help

Invite your child to crack eggs, mix the batter or make the salad. Allow them to see that they are important member of the family. They are needed and valuable.


8. Rave About Them

Try not to share your frustrations and disappointments about your child to other adults when your child is around. Speak positively.


9. Watch Their Events

Rather than simply dropping them off and grabbing a coffee when your child is at soccer practice or art class, sit in once in awhile and let them know you are proud of their accomplishments!


10. Bake Their Favorite Treat

Surprise them one day with their favorite meal or snack, created by you!


11. Color With Them

Grab a challenging coloring book and get down on the floor with your child, crayons in hand, and color. Your child will love the time spent with you!


12. Read To Them

In addition to homeschool assigned reading, ask your child to find their favorite book. Snuggle on the couch and have a good read!


13. Watch Their Favorite Movie With Them

It may not be as action packed or romantic as you might like but your child will enjoy sharing part of his world with you.


14. Play a Board Game

Remove all distractions and give your child undivided attention while you set aside an afternoon or evening to play a board game. Our family favorite is Settlers of Catan!


15. Draw Them A Picture

Children love to draw pictures for their parents. Say thank you next time by returning the favor!


16. Put Down The Phone

If it can wait, let it ring. Time waits for no one – cherish the moments with your child while you still can.