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Teaching hospitality

About a month ago I sat down with a group of my homeschool mom friends to discuss hospitality. It’s one topic that we all agreed is important to do not only for other but to teach our children. However, implementing this desired task is quite another thing all together!

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Forming good habits

This fall, we will be working on forming good habits in our homeschool. I am training my children to be functioning adults one day. I want them to be pleasant adults who are responsible and reliable. Each person has certain habits that they have formed over their lives. Brushing your teeth each morning and night, combing your hair, making a bed.

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Dinner’s in the freezer

It’s almost that time of year again. Can you feel it? The temperatures are dropping a bit, school supplies are taking over the stores, and calendars are starting to fill up with events. Yes, fall is coming and so is what I call “The Crazy Season.”

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Reaching Out

When we look at the situation in Texas, we are faced with the reality that ultimately God is in control and the future is in His hands. We do not know what tomorrow holds for us, or for those we love. We see in situations like Hurricane Harvey that disaster can strike at any time and turn someone’s world upside down. So how do we respond?

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Summertime: A Different Kind of Rest

When summertime hits, for some of us, it’s all about the beach or the pool, family vacations, or simply a break from the regular routine. I would love to lounge poolside every day on and catch up on some good reading or to have an extended vacation and dig in sandy shores all day. However, that is not this summer’s reality, here at home with my sweet children.

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Try journaling this summer

Maybe journaling is already a habit in your life or it might be something you have been thinking of implementing but haven’t taken the time to do it. This summer might be a great time to embark on this new venture.

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