There have certainly been times in our homeschooling journey where I have felt that it was not working. I have never felt like giving up but I have felt frustrated, exhausted and at a loss to know what to do next.

Though each one of us will have our own tipping points there are some similarities between why homeschool mums feel like it is just not working:

  • We think we are not finishing enough work
  • We are anxious because our children are ‘behind’ and have gaps in their learning
  • Our children don’t want to learn and react to us trying to teach them
  • There is no joy in our days, our children complain
  • We feel like we live in a mess, can’t keep on top of housework
  • We believe the criticism from family or close friends
  • We feel inadequate
  • We feel disappointed because it isn’t like how we thought it would be

Most of these issues have to do with the academics of our homeschooling and though we know in our hearts that we are teaching more than just the academics, this side of our homeschool life does put pressure on us. Sometimes we just need to put it down, and live life with our kids, build relationships and get our zing back. When these types of feelings start to overwhelm me I do two things…

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