Before you exercise one of the great privileges of homeschooling, taking your school on the road, here are a few travel tips you may not have considered that our family learned on our trip of a lifetime.

  • Thoroughly research your destination before leaving. But, write your plans in pencil. Remember the saying “All good plans are subject to change.”
  • When traveling with feisty toddlers, try to break up driving. We’ve found that our Nip Napper has a 6 hour car tolerance. We purposely station our multi-tasking, ever-entertaining, older sibling next to him with the job of rotating lap sized puzzles, coloring books, reading books and toys to help quell our little tornado.
  • When getting a bargain price for a motel room, consider this. That cheap room you rent during the week night most likely turns into “party-central” on weekends. Consider paying more for a good night sleep when overnighting on a weekend.
  • Institute a mandatory bathroom break BEFORE leaving attractions. Nothing is more eye-opening (or watering) than discovering your diaper clad child needed a change before you got swallowed by rush hour traffic.
  • Feeling like a hamster on a wheel during your vacation? Make sure to plan some time for rest. Yes, traveling with young children is a lot of work, but, you need to relax as much as possible at least for a period of time. There’s nothing worse than a crabby parent!
  • If the need arises for a doctor to treat a minor illness during traveling, many CVS and Walgreens offer walk-in clinics for a fraction of Urgi-care and Emergency room costs.


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