Many of you have just graduated your last child- CONGRATULATIONS! Way to finish the race! However, there are some of us still plugging along. No worries, though. There is, after all, a light at the end of the tunnel. Although for some of us the tunnel seems pretty long. 27 years total long. Excuse me while I go hyperventilate.

Ok, here we go. What do we do when that light is drawing near?

Be thankful! No, not that you are almost child free, but that you have been blessed with this experience. I often tell people I cannot imagine my kids not being home all day. Although every day has not been easy, I consider it a huge blessing to have the opportunity to teach my kids at home. We have learned together, cried together, and rejoiced together. I am thankful.

Reach out to others! Everyday there are people who are just beginning this homeschool journey. They have a million questions and are looking for answers. Lots of answers. You, veteran mom, have a lot of knowledge. You have learned and grown a lot in those years and you have something valuable to offer. Offer it!

Bless others! I bet you have a lot of curriculum sitting around. I know I do even now and I still have 8 years to go! Loan it out, or even sell it. No need for it to gather dust when someone else can be using it. It really is one of my greatest joys to loan out curriculum we are not currently using.

Develop you! I don’t know about you, but I chose to put myself and a lot of what made me me to the side when I started homeschooling. It was just what I needed to do so I could focus on the task at hand with fewer outside distractions. But soon (well, in 8 years), I will be back to just me in the house during the day. While my hubby is at work, I would like to do more than sit around the house and twiddle my thumbs. Whether it is professional development or just returning to old hobbies, be looking for things to do with your time that will bring you joy.

So that light at the end of the tunnel you see? Embrace it. Celebrate it! Look to the future with joy and anticipation.

You deserve it, friend!