As homeschooling parents, how we see or view something as important will affect how our kids are exposed to that. I am strong in language and the humanities, and not so much the sciences. This is reflected in our kids because I’m the one who has spent the most time with them.

If Pete was homeschooling them then they would have been exposed to more science. Not to say that they would have been strong that way, because you also have your kids own bents come into play, but they would have been exposed to more.

What is your perspective on art and craft? How you view this will affect how your children are exposed to creativity. In our adult world, art and craft are considered hobbies, and we don’t have a great deal of time for our hobbies, so we can take that attitude into our children’s lives and not give them time for creative expression. We can also be limited because we don’t see ourselves as very creative so we don’t know what to give our kids, or how to encourage them, so we just don’t.

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