Did you know that every homeschool schedule looks different? Really. There are no right or wrong ways to homeschool as long as you are following the laws of the particular state you reside in. I know people who unschool, those who school classically, and some that love unit studies. I know families that love textbooks and some that have never cracked open a textbook in their lives. And believe it or not, we have done a little of all of that to some degree through the years.

When you have been homeschooling for over 16 years, you tend to change and morph what your schooling looks like. Add to the fact that you have 4 kids with different learning styles and personalities and yes, we have changed our ways more than several times.

This year is another example of that!

For a while I had been hearing of this Sabbath Week Schooling idea. It intrigued me so I spent some time doing some research on it. I am a homeschooling mom, after all. Research is important. 😉

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