I have more than a few ideas of products I’d like to market somehow. Others, I just want someone else to create for me. How about you? Are you a go getter with an entrepreneurial spirit?

I’m in the market for the following items:


1) Parent/Kid Comm

Yes, just like on Star Trek, this is a communication device on the shirt. This particular one would connect parents and children. No matter where they are. So for example, on Sunday morning:

Me: “All Brouse children, report to the sanctuary, pronto. Please stop at the restroom and/or water fountain on your way. You have five minutes.”

All Brouse children: “Roger, Mom.”

Then… they all show up in the sanctuary and I didn’t have to go to the fellowship hall, playground, restrooms, and youth hall to look for them each.

This device would make someone a bazillionaire. Seriously. If you invent it, all I ask of you is a free set. For life.


2) Conversation Confirmation

This little doohickie would be worn by a husband and wife duo. Every conversation is archived by topic. When the infamous, “You didn’t tell me that!” or the equally well known, “You’ve never mentioned that.” occurs… the device is used. A button is pressed, the challenging adult speaks the topic, and the device lists dates of conversations about such topic occurred.

I don’t really need this device, since I am always right, but Paul does.


3) Levitating Towels

One would think that a towel rack mere feet from the floor would make towel hanging easy. One would be wrong.

No matter how many hooks there are in the bathroom, our towels seem to prefer the floor.


I think levitating towels, hovering before my children’s eyes, would help solve this dilemma. The child could just push the towel towards the wall.

Maybe the levitating towel needs to have a homing beacon: it follows the child that used it until it is hung up properly. Yeah, that might do the trick.


4) Disappearing Toothpaste

I would buy toothpaste that disappears minutes after escaping the tube. This would completely change the appearance of my bathroom sinks. I was completely unaware the children are unable to see toothpaste when it is out of the tube and not on a toothbrush, but it must be true.

So, since the children can’t see toothpaste when on a sink, counter, handle, floor… whatever, why not just make it disappearing? Then no one sees it. Including the mama.


5) Drive Through Doctor’s Office

Ok, I’m not kidding. I would wait in line with my children in the van/suburban for a doctor visit.

No exposure to other germs. No waiting in a boring office. No need to be super quiet. No need to get the sick kiddo dressed.

We could pull up to a little station, sort of like a drive through convenience store. Minus the junk food. And beer.

Once it is the patient’s turn, they can hop out, get weighed and such. Chat with the nurse, then the doctor.

I would sooooo love this. Seriously.

When Target makes a drive through pharmacy, it will officially be my favorite store.

So… anyone up for inventing/starting/setting up these gigs?

What would you like invented?

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