Perspective. According to Noah Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language, one definition for this word is, “a glass through which objects are viewed.” Basically, this is our point of view toward something. An ill-perspective can contribute to a rotten attitude.

As I write this article, I am reminded of all the past years I have homeschooled. By the time we approach the month of April, sometimes it was difficult to stay on track and finish the year strong. After a long winter, Spring has finally arrived; the sun is shining, and the kids are eager to be outside. As you journey through your school days, maybe you have been feeling like you never get enough done, or your children will never learn commendable character, or your child will never grasp a certain concept. Maybe you feel like you are just going through the motions to get through the rest of the year (I know; I’ve been there).

This is where the word perspective comes into play. It is so beneficial to examine through what looking glass you are viewing. Is it a glass that is telling you that you are failing and this is too difficult? Or is it a glass that is spurring you on to keep going, knowing everything will be okay? When we have the right perspective, we can undoubtedly finish the year strong.

Your children can sense when you are uptight or “burned out” and changing your perspective will benefit everyone immensely. When you are feeling less than adequate, write down the positive things you have seen in your homeschool year or call a close friend who can remind you. When your children are having a bad day and their attitudes are displeasing, look at this as an opportunity to teach strong character that they might not receive if they were in school. When your child just does not seem to be learning at the pace you desire, be thankful he/she is at home and can move at his/her own pace. There will soon be a rewarding day when the “light bulb” comes on. Many of us wish we had a looking glass to see the end result of what we will have reaped as a result of our children’s home education. But the looking glass we really need is a positive perspective and trust that our efforts are not in vain. Then we can relax and enjoy the journey. It will be one of great reward!