Grace is an overused term that can be abused. We see it abused when someone with a destructive lifestyle refuses to change and continues in their harmful ways but thinks that God’s grace. It’s sad to think what the term “grace” has turned into in our culture anymore and sometimes we forget what it truly means. Just because something is abused doesn’t mean we dismiss it altogether. Grace is real. It’s powerful and, it’s Biblical.

The first time we see the word grace in the Bible is in Genesis 6:5, when Noah found “grace in the eyes of the Lord.” Noah was living in a world of wickedness and sin and God gave him grace, or favor. Rather than destroying Noah along with the wicked, He saved him, and his family. Noah was the one that obeyed God and believed God and was living for God. God spoke to him to build an ark, and he obeyed, and he was saved.

It’s interesting. God still sent the flood. He still punished the wicked. What God did for Noah is He brought him through. He protected him during the storm. What God didn’t do is take away the storm.

What does this mean for you as a homeschooling parent?

While you are walking out what you believe to be best for your family, God will give you grace in the midst of the storm. As you are faithful to trudge through and sacrifice for your family and for your kids, God will carry you through. Storms will come and trials will come. There will be days that you are sick, or half the family is sick. There may be seasons that you need to put your plans on hold. The death of a close relative might become a reality or a loved one might be diagnosed with cancer. Just because Noah found grace in God’s eyes doesn’t mean everything around him was a bed of roses. Quite the opposite. He had to live in a floating barn, with the constant smell of animals. He had to work to feed and care for the animals on board. It certainly wasn’t a luxury cruise that God rewarded him with for being found righteous. But the work that he was rewarded with was truly a reward, because it affected generations to come, as does your work as a homeschooling parent! It might seem like you are being punished at times but you aren’t, it’s just life. Noah wasn’t punished by having to take care of the animals or having to endure the flood, He was saved from destruction! God will give you the grace to get through the trails that you face in your life and your homeschool when you look to Him and not the storm around you!

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