This morning, I knew it wasn’t going to happen. I just knew it. Homeschooling wasn’t going to be that sit-down-and-calmly-do-your-copywork kind of thing.

Our family just got back from an eight-day road trip, and our routine (if you want to call it that!) is still in a funk.

When I came down stairs for breakfast this morning, my seven and five-year old sons were perched on their haunches on our bench at the dining room table, giggling and spilling as much granola on the floor as they managed to spoon into their mouths. I could tell that both my girls, who are several years older than the boys, were tired and just a little bit irritated at all the howling their brothers were working up. I knew that a mighty big ruckus was probably less than two minutes away.

As I helped one rowdy boy sweep up the granola, and sent another rowdy boy upstairs to get dressed, I sent up a quick prayer for wisdom.

How do I let my boys be boys… but still act civilized enough to pull off a decent day of school?

A few minutes later, both boys were back in the kitchen and I had a game plan ready.

“Okay, the girls are going to start with their journals and devotion time with Mommy, and you boys are going to head outside for some fresh air. Go jump on the trampoline for a while, okay?” I didn’t have to tell them twice!

My little men, in second-grader and Kindergardner form, stampeded out the back door like a pair of buffalo. Bringing up the rear was their pajama-clad, two-year old brother… whooping like a wild savage.

For the next sixty minutes, I enjoyed some quiet time with my girls while the sounds of rowdy boys performing stunts on the trampoline filled the back yard.

By the time my energetic trio of boys stumbled back into the house an hour later, my girls had gotten a good start on the day and the little men were ready to settle down a bit.

I didn’t have any problems with behavior or pent-up energy today in our school time. My seven-year old son worked through this lessons without complaining, and my five-year old boy focused on his Kindergarten unit like a champ; he even did a few extra pages in his notebook!

Every day doesn’t call for an hour of “P.E.” right off the bat, but today surely did.

If I’m learning anything about homeschooling little boys, it’s that they really should be allowed to be boys.

Sure, little boys can learn to sit still. But a good, long stint in the fresh, October air goes a long way in helping their “sitter” sit during school time!

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