Remember when I said homeschooling teens is easier than homeschooling littles? I wasn’t lying. But you know what? Parenting teens can be hard. That means that some days homeschooling teens can be hard. Homeschooling doesn’t give you a teenage angst immunity card.

Homeschooling doesn’t mean a free pass in which your teen isn’t going to talk back, make poor decisions, or outright rebel. I’ve got good kids, but they’re still teens struggling to discover who they are in this world. The road to adulthood has not been without its bumps and bruises. I have grey hairs etched with each of their names.

I’ve discovered something about the trials of life – they’re only trivial if you’re not the one living them. Sure, we can all think of someone who is going through something worse than we are, but a wise friend once told me:

“Sometimes living through the hard stuff is just hard, no matter how insignificant it is compared to someone else’s hard.”

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