It’s a little talked about issue but I know I can’t be the only one. You see, I’m an older mom with younger children. And well, sometimes things get a little hot in the house. Or rather, I get a little hot. Let me explain.

I was finally going to get my blood work results. I was finally going to get some answers or so I thought. Admittedly, I was irritated when I heard:

“Ma’am, according to these test results, you’re normal.”

Does “normal” go from room temperature to solar flare in under 60 seconds?  Does “normal” break out in pimples well into their 40’s?  Does “normal” gain weight by just looking at food? Does “normal” burst into tears at a drop of a hat?

Wait, that almost sounds like puberty…. you know a time of rapid growth and rapid change that takes place in the teen years.

What?  You mean I get to experience it all over again…. wasn’t once enough?  Somehow the phrases,  “My how you’ve grown”, “You’re getting bigger everyday”, “What a lovely lady you’ve become” just don’t seem to have the same flair the second time around!

It’s maddening to feel your body change inside and out and not have it show up with concrete evidence.  Even though “science” doesn’t recognize it, I know what’s going on!

A good number – scratch that –  the majority of ladies my age have kids that are high school aged and up.  Mine are still school aged, and living under my roof with my youngest just clearing preschool. So while other moms with kids his age are running to and from wearing the latest in junior-sized fashions, I am measuring portions, fighting temperature control, and the urge to buy neck to ankle spandex undergarments!

I appreciate their attempts to make me feel welcomed into their circle.  I have even been told I “glow with wisdom”. This is really code for “your gray hairs are showing”.

But, none the less there are good things about being in this stage of life.  I see life for what it is – a temporal visit on the the earth in preparation for the eternal life to come. And a chance to sow into four lives so they can go and impact their world for Christ.

There’s a part of me that wishes I was the homeschool mom I am now many, many years ago when we began this journey.  I wish I knew myself, my kids, my purpose and meaning back then like I do now.

So maybe I am “glowing with wisdom”.  I will choose to embrace this season, with its wrinkles, and sudden swings in internal temperature knowing that yet again I’m going through a life metamorphosis and awaiting a transformation into a new “normal”.

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