We’ve had one crazy summer! It’s the kind of summer that makes you reconsider your whole homeschooling lifestyle.

Within the last few weeks I’ve had to sit down and analyze every bit of our homeschool makeup. I took a hard look at where my children are and where they are headed. It wasn’t easy. In fact, admitting the deficient areas was akin to cutting off a limb! But, like a limb affected with gangrene (I apologize for the imagery), we needed to “cut off” the dead parts of our homeschool. This painful process was the healthiest thing we could do for our family.

While the majority of our homeschool was still smooth sailing, there were some definite “dead and unfruitful areas”. After careful deconstructing and prayer, I looked at each child and their homeschool journey.

Even after a not so stellar dual enrollment experience, my senor was only 2 official classes away from graduation. It didn’t make sense to change his schooling.

My 2nd born was chomping at the bit to dual enroll, tearing into his classes with only half of Algebra 2 to complete before applying. It didn’t make sense to change his schooling either.

Then there was my middle schooler. My precious middle schooler. This one was different. This one would rather move to do than sit and read. Time and time again, this one takes direction from another adult easily as seen in various co-op situations. Though I love this one, I have to admit the homeschool relationship just isn’t working. The resistance on this one’s part translates into much irritation and aggravation.

And, that just leaves the baby of the family. At 6 years of age, I’m happy to report he was able to keep learning, keep growing and will continue to do so at home.

With that realization concerning my middle schooler, I went somewhere I’ve NEVER thought I’d go. Seriously considering another form of schooling. Public, Private, Charter, Tutoring – you name it, we looked at it. After much prayer, a spot opened up at a Christian school. Taking time to first break the news to our middle schooler, I was shocked and then happy to hear the joy in her voice at this new opportunity for learning. Phew!

A wise woman once told me at the start of my homeschool journey to always consider all my options and to never prematurely think that every season would look the same or have the same needs. I now understand what she meant by this statement. Schooling looks different for every child even within a homeschooling family. Sometimes a season or two may include schooling outside the home. Having walked in these shoes, I understand.

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