The more you live, the more you grow. Homeschooling is no exception! If I could go back in time, here’s a piece of advice I’d give my younger self concerning a child who struggles with creative writing. Hind sight is 20-20!

Dear Lisa:

I know you are questioning whether or not you are cut out for this job of homeschool Mom.  Let me assure you, by default, you are uniquely qualified and gifted by your Creator.

I know you are ready to pull your hair out because your almost 4th grade son can barely write a sentence on his own without crying.

This has left you feeling like a failure.  Here’s what you don’t know.  Your insistence on reading and stressing its’ importance will carry him further than you realize.  In fact, it is the most valuable academic pursuit you’ve taught him.  It will show in his reasoning, communication, vocabulary and ability to be a self-directed learner.

Don’t fret about writing.  The ability to write develops at different rates for each child.  Your son’s writing skills won’t begin to blossom until FOUR years from now!

In the meantime, your son will excel in science and math.  Continue to patiently teach writing in small, manageable chunks and do not compare him to others.

In high school, your son will be  articulate and well-thought.  He’ll be a great technical writer, tackling math and science with flourish.  With your help, guidance and prayer your son is becoming whom God has created him to be.  Steadfast, trustworthy, intelligent, kindhearted and a joy to be around.

So – Lisa 5 years younger, just relax!  Relax and enjoy the days teaching your son because these precious times are fleeting and soon he’ll be grown.

Lisa (the voice of experience)

I hope this letter speaks to those who are feeling that they aren’t keeping up or their kids aren’t “on target” in a given area of their homeschool.  Every child develops at their own rate AND not every child is cut out to be an artist, or a journalist, or a brain surgeon.  Each child is unique in their gifting.  Your job is to help your child walk in the gifts that God has given them.

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