Homeschooling isn’t just for the school aged crew. Homeschooling has many benefits for the younger children too.

Homeschooling builds sibling relationships.

When school-aged children are sent off to school, the younger children are left at home with no one to play with. They are separated from the people who are supposed to become their bestest, life long friends. School separates families, while homeschooling fosters family relationships. Yes homeschooled siblings may still scratch each others’ eyes out squabble but they’ll have a lot more time to learn to live together.

Homeschooling allows for peaceful mornings.

No more frantic rushing around and yelling in the mornings when you homeschool. No more dashing out the door with the baby and the toddler in their pjs, hair unbrushed, and chewing on a breakfast bar because you’re running late for school again. When you homeschool, children get up when they are rested. They can eat a leisurely breakfast – perhaps even at the table as a family. My own boys enjoy homemade, warm muffins each morning in winter…after licking the bowl while they wait for them to cook of course. The homeschool Mummy has the time to do these things and even the time to train her children to help with chores.

Homeschooling provides an enriching environment for the little folk.

While school kids are off at school, the little folk just seem to tread water until their turn for education. How often have they heard, “When you are big enough, you can go to school”. But when you homeschool you can’t keep the little ones away from all that learning. They want to be included. They soak up big brother’s and sister’s lessons and often are well ahead by the time they too are school age. Education starts from birth and this is extra true when you homeschool!

Homeschooling forces Mummy to spend quality and quantity time with her family.

When the Mummy is rushing back and forth to school or work, or busying herself with her other social events, the tiny tots are just the ‘tag-alongs’. They are forced to grow up in a hectic world where they never get time to finish that princess game they started or that epic block castle they were working on and Mummy rarely plays with them. And that’s assuming they weren’t left behind in daycare. But homeschooling Mummy chooses a different path – a path that turns her attention more fully to her children, that requires her to spend all day long with them, that encourages her to cuddle and read with them, and a path that brings their hearts closer together. Homeschooled children don’t have to settle for ‘quality’ or ‘quantity’ time, they get both and are all the happier and healthier for it.

Homeschooling ensures that the little ones get their naps each day.

Why is school pick up time right in the middle of nap time?…Well it is when you add in the time you need to leave the house to get to school to find a parking spot before the crowds. Count the tussled haired, sleepy toddlers at school pick up time and you’ll see why homeschooling is better for the youngest kiddies. When you homeschool, the school aged children won’t need to stop their naps either. Everyone can take a nap, Mummy included.

Homeschooling fosters happy evenings as a family.

When school aged kids get home, their little siblings want to play with them and don’t understand this homework thing that causes great dramas in the evenings. Not even Mummy has time to comfort the little ones at dinner time. Poor Mummy is a frazzled wreck – what with dinner to whip up, homework battles to fight, and only half napped little ones grizzling at her ankles. What a joy for Daddy to walk into this environment each night! Homeschooling can create a different scene for Daddy to come home to – the smell of something nice for dinner, children helping to set the table, older siblings playing with younger siblings and everyone eager to share what they learned that day. And with no homework, there might even be time for a family movie night or boardgame…yes, in the middle of the week!!

Homeschooling with little ones isn’t easy. It can be a bit of a juggling act. But it’s got to be easier than morning school rushes, homework hassles, school dramas and a divided and stressed family. To homeschool you don’t need to come equipped with the patience of a saint. Patience is rewarded, a little at a time, in honour of your long service. But the real reward is a happy family – little ones growing up with their siblings, bigger ones learning to care for and enjoy them, and parents who are always there to love them and enjoy them.

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