Does familiarity breed contempt? Tina debunks this and two other homeschool myths.

Myth: “Familiarity Breeds Contempt.”

My experience: What a bunch of malarkey! Time spent with each other is priceless, precious and quickly passes when your children finish homeschool. My sons and I, including my husband, have only drawn closer to each other through our intimate time together.

Oh sure, if a person indulges their children in selfish behavior, allows siblings to talk to each other in a derogatory way and gives more respect to other people outside their home than their own family, I wouldn’t want to live in a home like that either.

It is true that homeschooling is at times more about parenting than it is actual academics. Homeschooling too is more stressful than any homeschool parent will admit at times. But we need to, because it is okay to be stressed and not feel that you have it all together each day. I certainly have had plenty of days like that.

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