The Homeschool Mom is, to many, a strange, elusive being. I thought I would share with you today 10 things you should know about this fascinating creature. It should go without saying – but it probably doesn’t – that I don’t speak for all homeschooling moms. It just seemed more fun to me to write in the “we” voice. You know, as if I were speaking for me and my posse.

So, if you’re a homeschool mom and some of these don’t apply to you, that’s okay. I’m really not speaking for all of us. If you’re not a homeschool mom, don’t think these ten things apply to every homeschool mom because they don’t. And, you homeschool dads? Well, you’re even more elusive a being than us homeschool moms, so you’ll have to speak for yourselves, but some of these may apply to you, too.

Oh, one last very important thing – this is supposed to be fun and slightly amusing. If you take offense as you read these, you’re probably taking them too seriously.

1. We don’t have superhuman patience.

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