Over the last little while I’ve started to see posts written by long time homeschoolers along the lines of “My 10 worst mistakes” or “What I learnt from my mistakes”. One day my daughter, Jessica, said to me, “What did you do right Mum?”

I must admit, I’m more inclined to think along those positive lines as well. It isn’t that mistakes weren’t made, in fact most of the things we did well, were birthed out of something not working for us. So these are ten things (hopefully not the only things), that I think we did well with homeschooling when our kids were young.

1. We studied 4 days a week: We have always had a 4 day a week study schedule. The 5th day was for trips to the library, the pool, visit with friends, projects, housework and lesson prep for the next week. This gave us time for other things in our life.

2. I kept learning together until independent skills were established. Though the children learnt Math, Reading and Writing at their own level, we learnt our Bible lessons and general knowledge together. I would stretch the assignments to each child’s level but the content was the same for all. We did it together until each child was ready to study independently; it was at this time that their studies became more individual.

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