You are the envy of homeschool moms. You are organized. You have the top of the line planner. You have painstakingly planned out your child’s day a quarter at a time. You can’t wait to check off each box as your child completes each assignment.

And then the unimaginable happens. Your child becomes engrossed in a new subject and can’t be persuaded to return to their regular work. What do you do?

Well for starters, if you ignore this interest, you’ll turn off curiosity and a wonderful opportunity for learning. This could be a passing interest or the spark of a lifelong passion and life path. You as the homeschool mom need to do what is necessary to help your child find out. As long as this curiosity doesn’t border or illegal or immoral, you need to feed it!

Living in the day and age of information, the internet is a great place to start researching. Find appropriate websites ahead of time and book mark them for your child to explore.

If you haven’t racked up large fines, the library is still free and a great place to go to get your hands on well-illustrated and informative books to help your child learn more.

If your child is interested in a particular job, how about having them speak with someone in that field? Many professionals who love their job would love to talk to others about their job. What a great way to share that enjoyment!

If it’s a subject you don’t know much about, networking with your local or online homeschool group is a great way to find out more information and how best to guide your child in learning more. You may find other curious kids who would enjoy learning together in the process!

In this way, following these educational rabbit trails can lead to greater opportunities for growth and knowledge. So, forgo your plans at least for a little while. There’s a spark of interest that may grow into something greater if you put aside your plans in favor of following curiosity.


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