Why do we complicate things? I have recently gone back to the simple lesson plans that have worked for me in the past. (No idea why I left them!!)

  • I read
  • They narrate (Tell back what they’ve heard / learnt)
  • We talk – discuss what they’re interested in and then possibly I talk about what was important to me
  • They record – generally this means they write a notebook page though it could be something more creative or more of a long term project. It may also include further research and discussion if the student digs deeper.

This works for all our subjects – Bible, History, and Science especially.

Keeping our lessons simple reduces prep time though it doesn’t eliminate it completely. Before we sit down to study something there has to be a reason why we are doing this. If we don’t have a good purpose then our lessons will just be ‘filling the bucket’ with information instead of inspiring our children towards wisdom, knowledge and understanding. I have three main goals that cover all our lessons…

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