It’s that time of year again – back to (home)school! As the leaves change colors and the temperature begins to drop, many of us are preparing to begin another year of home education. After taking the summer to recharge your batteries, this may be a perfect opportunity to give your homeschool room some special attention, too! A question that is often asked by newbies and veterans alike is, “How do I organize my homeschool?”

Like most aspects of homeschooling, there is no single right way to organize your homeschool and its materials, but here are some suggestions to get you thinking:


1) Color-coordinate

Use a different color (of binders, storage containers, labels, etc.) for each student – and for teacher, too!


2) Create individual workboxes

Place each student’s work for the day – and any materials needed to complete it – into a workbox. This is especially useful for those who tend to be more visual as they can see exactly what is due for the day. It also reduces the need to leave the work area to find a calculator – and get distracted along the way.


3) Use a book basket for library books and other borrowed materials

If your house is anything like mine, then library books can easily get lost amidst the piles of your own books on the table, floor, or bookshelf. Having a designated basket makes it easy to find borrowed books and other materials – and can save you from some hefty library fines!


4) Use an expanding monthly file

These files are so versatile! Sorting your student’s finished assignments and your own lesson plans can be a great reminder of how much your student learned over the course of a year – this would be especially useful when writing transcripts!


5) Bullet journaling

I recently watched this video about how to bullet journal and it changed my life! If you prefer paper over digital planning tools, then you will love this method. All you need is a small, gridded notebook (e.g. Moleskine).


What would you add to my list?

Originally posted on Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett Blog