It goes without saying that a woman’s work is never done. I believe that’s doubly true for the homeschool woman’s work! Some days it’s almost impossible to keep all the plates turning. At the end of a long day with ungraded papers and housework piling up what’s a mom to do?

While these things pile up and nag at you, there is one very important thing to keep in mind. These days won’t last forever! Here are a few tips from a Veteran Mom who’s been there and one that, to help you keep your sanity!

Make a list of things you have to do. Now before you get mad at me, for making you do more “work” or show all the things you should be doing but can’t, there is method to my madness. Once your to-do’s are down on papers they stop flying around your subconscious causing you more stress. And, once it’s down on paper, you won’t forget.

Do your best to keep kitchen and bathroom area as clean as is reasonable for your stage of life. For me, even during the crazy times, that meant at least 1 clean towel in the bathroom, and the kitchen sink cleared of dishes before bedtime. There’s something that gets the day off to a good start when you wake up to an empty sink!

Aim to spend at least 1/2 hour in some sort of free, unstructured play time or interaction time with your kids. Again, this will look different depending on your season of life but making memories will never return void!

As your children age, give them age appropriate chores. Yes, teaching, instructing and then supervising may seem counterproductive at this stage. However, it will pay huge dividends in the time to come giving you a break and them some responsibility and ownership of “the team”.

Be conscious of your time online and avoid extensive time suckers and excessive gaming.

During those crazy times, i.e. young children, sickness, transition, etc, you need to do those things that are absolutely necessary and give yourself the grace to save “everything else” for another day. And another day will come sooner than you know!

What are your sanity saving tips for making the most of your day? Comment below!