I love a new year because it always means a fresh start!

For a homeschooling mom, picking up the reigns after a busy holiday (and possibly a lengthy break) can feel both exciting and overwhelming. A fresh start, yes… but a daunting start nonetheless!

While we’re wrapping up Christmas celebrations and getting in gear for another year, my mind is busy making plans for 2016.

Today, I’d love to share a few tools with you! These are my favorite picks from Rainbow Resource in helping keep my life as a homeschooling mama as organized, simple, and purposeful as possible.

I hope these resources will be a blessing to your homeschooling ventures in the new year!


Ultimate Homeschool Planner

This little planner will be your best friend in 2016! It comes in three beautiful colors – yellow, orange, and blue – and contains 52 weekly planners, a one-year grid, student goal setting, a record keeping section and so much more!

If you need an ultimate tool in keeping your school year planned and organized, this is it!


Educating the Whole-Hearted Child

And here is your ultimate resource for getting to the heart of homeschooling!

Educating the Whole-Hearted Child, by Clay Clarkson, is a handbook I refer to over and over again throughout the year. I can’t recommend it highly enough!


Tools for Organization

One of our BIGGEST challenges as a homeschooling family is keeping up with the clutter and messes that educating five children at home creates on a daily basis!

Here are a few practical tools for helping keep life as a homeschooler as tidy as possible:


Books for Personal Growth

How often do we think of our personal, emotional, and spiritual growth as part of our homeschooling goals for the year? We can’t overlook this vital dimension! So much rises and falls on the tone we set in our homes as mothers.

Here are a few excellent reads that are on my list in 2016:

Let’s see, the only thing I would add to this list might be plenty of coffee and chocolate!

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