These ten tips will help you get your homeschool stuff organized — or reorganized!

1. Art Supplies – I believe in making the art supplies available to the kids if they can use them appropriately – which means without undue mess and the ability (and desire) to clean up! Things like textas, paint, glitter and scissors were items that were given with a sense of responsibility with a firm reminder of not letting the younger ones use them as well! We kept our supplies in plastic boxes – all painting supplies together including aprons, all rubber stamping gear together, all collage stuff together, all notebooking supplies together. This way the kids could get a box from the cupboard/shelf and be responsible for the supplies.

2. Notebooking Paper – the cheapest way to buy coloured paper is in reams of 500 pieces, but that much paper soon becomes tatty . To keep a selection of coloured paper (much more inspiring than always having white paper) I use a presentation binder with 10 sheets of each colour. This not only makes our notebooking supplies mobile, it keeps it organised. When one colour is used up I simply top it up so the kids always have access to a little amount of paper, but many colours.

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