There are moments in life when we are about to boil over from the mess our blessings have made. Here’s a humorous look at what went down in our household which resulted in the active teaching of Life Skills during school hours.

When my boys’ were 7 and 9 year old, they came to me stating that they did not own enough pairs of socks and PJs. AND, that they only had 2 pairs of underwear left between them. After I began a thorough cleaning of their room, I found where the missing clothes had migrated….the LEGO DRAWER…..this letter is the resulting action. I’m happy to say, as a result of this letter, the boys have kept their room clean and have managed to never leave the house without clothes!

Dear Boys:

It has come to our attention that a problem exists with the communication between your Parental units and yourselves. This problem chiefly manifests itself within the confines of your bedroom. It appears that the miscommunication occurs with phrases such as “Put all your dirty clothes in the laundry room”, “Put things where they belong”, “Books belong on the bookshelf” and the ever popular but to the point “Get your room cleaned up!”

Evidence observed of the above is included in the following infractions:


  1. Numerous pairs of p.j.s, shirts and underwear hidden away in your beds.
  2. Countless Lego’s, miscellaneous toys and baby’s blocks scattered about the room.
  3. Reading materials strewn about under desks, dressers and under the beds. Items other than library books in the `library book basket’.
  4. Miscellaneous junk and clothing found in specifically Lego-zoned drawers.
  5. General `piggying’ of room


At first, we were concerned that perhaps there is a defect in your motor skills. Upon investigating more closely, we observed the speed, agility and enthusiasm you displayed at the kitchen table during meals times. We conclude that your hands and arms are functioning within normal parameters.


Then we thought perhaps it was a matter of not having enough p.j. bottoms and socks. Fortunately, upon finding a wealth of both items nestled safely within your Lego drawers we were confident that this would not be a future problem.


After your maternal parental unit spent 1 ½ hours cleaning your room, a fine of $1 each will be levied against both members of said bedroom. For the future, she has sworn an oath to omit yelling and nagging. Due to this, we conclude that the best course of action to facilitate timely movement of room cleaning
 execution is as follows:


To help you enjoy and treasure your possessions with genuine affection, a moratorium has been placed on Lego purchases until further notice. All income for the next two months will immediately be placed in long-term savings. We believe these actions will facilitate a much needed joy and responsibility in taking care of the blessings you already possess.


During this probationary period of two months, there will be daily bedroom checks. So there is no misunderstanding, this includes the following:


  • Beds are to be made upon rising without any clothing buried underneath the covers.
  • P.J.s and robes are to be hung on the hooks located on your closet door.
  • No new toys are to be taken out until the previous toys are put away in their proper place.
  • No books shall be left on the floor at anytime.
  • Lego-zoned drawers are for Lego’s only.
  • Excess junk and garbage shall not be shoved into desk or dresser drawers, under the beds, desks or in the closet.
  • All dirty clothes are to be taken immediately to the laundry room.


A violation in one of the above areas will result in a $1 fine.


To further help further facilitate independence and obedience with a happy heart, you will now experience the joys of sorted, cleaned, folded and put away laundry first hand. From this point on, you will be in charge of your own laundry. This includes your Taekwondo uniforms as well. Your parental units will be readily available for consultation during this probationary period.


At the end of the two months, we will reevaluate your progress. If you have completed the above requirements in a satisfactory manner, the daily bedroom checks will become weekly checks and your income will flow once again. However, you may still acquire a $1 fine for not obeying the above requirements.


We have every confidence that these steps will free up communication between yourselves and your Parental units and help you grow into responsible young men who are able to listen and follow through with your chores and do what is right in all situations.


– Management.

You’ve got all your curriculum bases covered. Don’t forget to include ample time for teaching life skills in your day. Taking the time to do so when your children are young will pay off big time as they get older.

Check out Rainbow Resources for a wide variety of Life Skills helps.