Throughout my years I’ve finally come to a place where list making is my friend. In earlier days this was not so. Back then, lists were restrictive and a constant nagging reminder of everything I needed to do. But now that I know how to turn list making into a tool, I see things differently.

Why make lists? Well, if you’re like me trying to juggle all the things while keeping the plates spinning, then your to-do’s are constantly playing in your mind. And when you have this background noise going on, it makes progress in other areas difficult!

I’ve found that in making an extended list of to-dos at the beginning of the week frees me up from the constant nag, worry and pressure of the things that need doing.

Here’s how to start:

At the beginning of your week, perform a “brain dump”. A brain dump is an extended list of everything that needs to be done or that you want to be done. This is your chance to get it all down on paper and out of your head. (Most importantly, don’t lose this list!) After you’ve completed the brain dump, take a different color ink pen (I suggest red), and on a separate sheet of paper write down the top 5-10 things that absolutely must be done for that day. Your stage of life will dictate what your list looks like, what it contains, and its length.

For mommas of youngers, it’s okay for your list to look like:

  1. Get dressed
  2. Nurse baby
  3. Read children a book
  4. Make dinner
  5. Load dishwasher

If you can do more, great. If not, your goals for the day have been met, everyone has survived and you are still breathing. Success!

Each morning, pull out the master list, cross off any completed items and then on a separate piece of paper, jot down 5-10 must do’s. Again take into consideration your season of life, current health, and honest pressing need of “must do’s”.

In this way your list becomes your helper and encourager, and not a constant reminder of looming stuff. This will also enable you to flesh out what truly must be done as you are busy raising your family!

Are you a list maker? Comment below!