Here it is – January – a new year – new beginnings – are you ready? It’s time to say good-bye to the old and hello to new – start fresh.

Start Fresh? That might seem odd in the middle of your school year and in the middle of winter, but it is a good time to reflect about the reasons you homeschool and your choices for curriculum and how your year has gone to this point. It is an opportunity to start over and make changes if you don’t like the way your year has been going.

Why do you homeschool? We ask that question when we get a call from new homeschool parents – and we seem to get a lot of those calls here at the beginning of the year. The answers we get are varied – we hear stories about children being bullied, clashes with teachers, children who struggle with classroom curriculum for a variety of reasons – disabilities, behind in reading, etc. We also hear parents say that God has called them to homeschool, they have prayed about it and homeschooling is the answer for their child’s education. Whatever your reason, maybe this is a good time to renew your commitment.

What curriculum do you use? Are you ready to try something new? Mid-year is a good time to take stock of your curriculum choices and maybe switch it up a bit. Are you being successful with the curriculum you are presently using or do you need to make some changes? This is a good time to make plans for field trips, maybe do a short unit study on a high-interest topic, join a gym or the YMCA to get some exercise, get outside if the weather permits, or maybe just add in some extra projects. If the curriculum you are using isn’t cutting it for you, the start of the new year is a good transition point.

You never know what this year might hold for you and your family (it could be your best year yet), but do take this opportunity to reflect, recommit, and resolve. We here at Rainbow Resource Center wish you every blessing in your New Year endeavors!

-Donna Krahn