Let’s talk a little about school supplies. I know, I know, the sales are over and your cabinets are filled to the rim. But with what? “School supplies.” Now that is a pretty broad subject, so to make your life, and mine, a bit easier I have decided to share with you what I consider the top 5 Essentials of Homeschooling. If it is too late to save you money this year, maybe next year you will remember all the things you don’t REALLY need! While I know everyone is a bit different, these are the things I could not do without.

#1 Curriculum

Well, of course! Unless you are an unschooler, you will need some sort of curriculum. Whether it is an all in one publisher or you gather each subject separately, you will need to get some books or workbooks of some sort. You can spend a lot of money on some pretty impressive stuff out there, or search the web and find may sites that are sharing free to inexpensive resources.

#2 “School Supplies”

Before you think this involves grabbing a two page needs list and joining the crowds at the local store, think again. You really can get by with a few pencils and notebooks. Really, you can! Depending on the age you are teaching, you may want to add in scissors, glue, markers, and a ruler but there is no need to go overboard. Every year school supplies take over the stores and eventually our homes. Stay strong and resist the urge to join the crazy. Real needs and fun wants are very different. We do not have a dedicated school room so each morning we grab a tote and take it to the table. It does have some markers and colored pencils in it, as well as Spanish flash cards and a multiplication wrap up set. It also holds our Bible and stickers for assignments pages. When school is done, it gets tucked away.

#3 Copier/Printer

OK, you may be able to live without this, but I could NOT! Seriously, I use it almost every day. We have had this one for years and it is holding up fine – worth its weight in gold, I tell ‘ya!

#4 Computer

I also know some would argue this one, but hey, it’s my list so it is on there! 😉 We use our computers a lot. Both boys take multiple classes on the computer as well as do research on them as well. They get their share of wear and tear. School is also easier for us on the go as we often are. I may not be able to always pack the books, but it is easy to pop the computer in the car and go.

#5 White Board

These come in all sizes, but honestly a small one is the one I like best and it is easier to keep close by. We use it for spelling, for math practice, to explain hard concepts, and sometimes just to leave each other notes! Inexpensive and saves paper scraps from taking over our school space, AKA- the kitchen table or coffee table.

No matter what YOU decide you need for your school year, remember that the relationship you develop with your child is the most essential thing! Make that your focus, and the rest will all fall into place!

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