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The day I purged all the toys

Toys! Lots and lots of toys! We have three boys and the toys just add up. When birthdays and Christmases roll around the grandparents love giving gifts. Their gifts are great and the kids love everything they get. But, the toys pile up and they end up getting bored with having so much.

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Our Homeschool Day

Even if I don’t get to everything in my homeschool day, I like to have a plan. This year, I bought each of my children, ages six through nine a day planner. Each week, I write out the lessons that they will be doing so they have a visual reminder of what they are supposed to accomplish each day.

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Taking Inventory

In our home schools, we need to have a periodic assessment time. I’m not talking about counting the number of crayons or pencils you have. I’m talking about taking a good, hard look at what you’ve accomplished, how well you’re progressing toward your goals, and what your next steps will be.

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How to Not Homeschool in December

Homeschooling takes a lot of work, time, and energy. Christmas takes a lot of work, time, and energy. Doing both during December can be daunting. For me, personally, I find it a bit overwhelming to homeschool full time while also enjoying the beauty of the Christmas season and keep my focus on Jesus.

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Planning 101

You have poured over catalogs and waded the seas of vendors at the homeschool conferences. You have sweated out the decisions, but have finally decided! Now that you have chosen the curriculum, what’s next?

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How to Downsize Your Homeschool

It’s an incredible feeling to have all that you need to homeschool with in a backpack. That is what we learned as we flew back and forth between the states and South America. Like most families that embrace the homeschooling lifestyle, we love all of the things that we use for learning. However, things can turn to clutter and clutter can trigger stress. Today, in how to downsize your homeschool, I’m sharing 4 tips for owning less.

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Taming the Ink Beast

Have you ever found the perfect online printable only to remember you are almost out of ink? Your printer technically still works and you know that the “low ink” warning will give you a few more decent pages. You cross your fingers. Page one works, sigh. Page two starts to go fuzzy and then it happens, the ink is gone.

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