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Last minute tips for homeschool planning

It’s Back to School season right now, even among homeschoolers. For as flexible as we claim to be, most of us follow a more traditional school year–myself included. So what if we aren’t quite ready to start and are feeling like there are loose ends we still need to tend to? Here is a quick list of things that can be done relatively easily to help homeschooling get off to a good start and continue to flow well.

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Loop Scheduling

Many homeschool moms (and dads) are busy planning their year right now. Even if they homeschool year-round, it takes a good amount of planning to pull it all off. I use the summer months to get my planner organized and my year all planned out.

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My homeschool portfolio

Whether you choose to do standardized testing or a portfolio, it’s always a good thing to keep good records for the future. Even if your state doesn’t require any kind of proof of progress each year, it is such a great thing to do so you can see where you child was and where they are now academically.

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School​’s out by noon?

I had just come away from using public school for our daughters when we began our journey as homeschoolers. School was from 9 am to 3:30 pm, and then there was another hour or two of homework that had to be done–even in kindergarten. So when I heard all the talk about being finished with all homeschooling instruction by noon, that sounded great!

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