The ability to take your schooling on the road is one of the great privileges of homeschooling! Before you depart, here are a few tips you may not have considered that our family learned on our recent trip of a lifetime:

  • When reserving your motel using one of those on-line booking websites, if a problem should arise be prepared to call the website and haggle with them. You won’t get much help from the motel in question – just an offer to be moved to another room. In our case, since the motel offered another room, the website was satisfied that this solved the problem and refused a refund.
  • Make sure to synchronize directions when traveling in convoy style. Different GPS’ can send you in completely different routes! In our case, one sent us on the most high-speed, congested traffic routes possible. The other one choose more kinder, gentler, sanity-saving routes.
  • Be prepared for those upset tummies! Bring a bucket or large tupperware container lined with a garbage bag for times when it’s impossible to pull over or no shoulder is available. Believe me, the entire family will thank you!
  • When traveling cross country, keep in mind seasonal allergies. What’s blooming in your neck of the woods may not be the same several states away. Being prepared can save you from being absolutely miserable!
  • Have contingency plans in mind for illnesses and vehicle trouble. It’s always a wise idea to plan “emergency money” into your travel budget. If you don’t need it, breathe a sigh of relief, a prayer of thanks and put it into your savings account!
  • Flexibility is an important factor in making the most of your travels. When plans don’t go as planned, take a deep breath and be thankful for what DID go well.

    What are your travel tips?


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