When a family homeschools, snow days don’t really exist. For my family anyway. When it snows, we have a normal day. We actually take off for nice Spring days. I have actually changed the way we have done snow days now. I didn’t want my kids to not be able to play in the beautiful white fluff. We rarely get snow in Virginia so when it happens, it’s a big deal.

Our routine on snow days is a little different. Instead of cracking open the math books or history books, we crack open the science books. We do a unit study about snow or winter or snowflakes. Doing a unit study helps to really understand the subject of the study. It is small bits of information made into an entire topic to be studied.

We also make snow cream. It is so easy and my kids love it. Snow cream is just snow, sweetened condensed milk, and vanilla. So simple and very fun to make and eat. I involve the children in measuring and mixing. They feel like real chefs. Haha.

My boys love to know the temperature of everything. We take a thermometer outside and take the temperature of the snow and air. We compare it to how warm we are inside. When it gets warmer outside in the Spring, we compare those temperatures as well.

Art is a huge part of our homeschool. My boys love to draw and color and paint and sketch. We sit at our huge back sliding glass doors and draw the beautiful scenery from our backyard. The birds flying in the trees. The squirrels scampering on the snow. The deer walking through the yard. The artwork is such a sight to see, especially in the middle of a hot summer.

When my family does venture outside to play in the snow, we look for footprints from the different animals. We try to guess what kind of animal made each one. I take pictures with my phone and later on they draw pictures in their nature journals with their guesses of the animals.

Each family does something different for a snow day. This is a little glimpse into what my family does when it snows. Since I don’t travel on the roads when the weather is snowy, we enjoy it at home.


Rainbow Resource Center has a large amount of books on snow available for purchase. I already have many of them. Check it out!