For new homeschooling families or those relocating, connecting with local homeschooling families can be difficult. Where do homeschoolers go to find co-ops and educational, sporting, or social opportunities?

With homeschooling becoming increasingly popular, the nearest homeschooling family may be closer than you think.

Meet Homeschoolers at the Park


Back in my early years of homeschooling, I used to tell new homeschooling families to go, during typical school hours, to the places kids hang out. One of the most popular of those sorts of places are parks and indoor playgrounds. If there are school-age kids there on a weekday, they’re probably homeschoolers. Once you spot them, you just have to get brave and ask.

We met many homeschooling families that way. Several became part of our homeschool group and were part of our social circle for many years.

Meet Homeschoolers Online


With today’s technology, it’s pretty easy to connect with local homeschooling families through the Internet. As a matter of fact, the three ladies with whom I began an “in real life” support group were moms that I initially met online. I distinctly remember introducing myself to one of them the first time we met in person by saying, “Hi. I’m Kris. I’m not an ax murderer.”

Back in the day, Yahoo Groups were a great place to find online, email-based support group. As a matter of fact, I’d estimate that 10% or more of our local homeschool group were families who moved to our area from another state and initially found us through our Yahoo email-based support group.

Today, Facebook seems to be taking over. However, either of those sources – or just Google – should yield some results by searching for your city and state, plus the words “homeschool group” or “homeschool support group.”

Many state support group websites have a listing of local support groups by county. The Homeschool Legal Defense Association also has a listing of support groups by state.

To find your state organizations, check out our State Resources page!

Meet Homeschoolers at the Library

The Library

Like parks and playgrounds, the library can be a great place to meet homeschooling families. See if your library has a Story Time for older kids or events for teens. Many libraries have activities specifically planned for homeschooling families. Ask your librarian or check their bulletin board.

Meet Homeschoolers at a Homeschool Convention

Homeschool Conventions

Our local support group hosts a homeschool convention each year. This is a fantastic place to meet local homeschooling families, especially since local, not-for-profit conventions often have information tables featuring area opportunities for homeschoolers. You may be able to find sports teams, drama clubs, electives classes, co-ops, smaller area support groups, and much more.

Also, many of the vendors may be local groups or businesses that cater to homeschooling families. For example, we often have local art and music teachers manning vendor booths at our convention.

While you’re at your neighborhood convention, ask about homeschool newsletters. These can provide a wealth of information on activities and clubs for homeschoolers in your home town.

Meet Homeschoolers through Sports Teams

Sports Teams and Clubs

Homeschooling families enjoy extracurricular activities as much as the next family. That means that recreation league sports teams and clubs, such as Scouts, Awanas, and 4-H, are most likely going to have some of the area homeschool population represented.

Even bowling alleys will sometimes offer homeschool bowling leagues during daytime hours.

While you’re at your neighborhood convention, ask about homeschool newsletters. These can provide a wealth of information on activities and clubs for homeschoolers in your home town.

Meet Homeschoolers through Fitness and Gyms


Gyms often offer classes during the day for homeschoolers. These classes can range from open gym to specific fitness classes – and sometimes even enrichment classes like art or music!

Don’t forget to check places like martial arts studios, gymnastics centers, and ballet studios. Many of them offer classes specifically for homeschoolers. They may even partner with homeschool charter schools to offer these services, which could be yet another avenue to connect with local homeschooling families.

Meet Homeschoolers through Field Trips

Nature Centers, Zoos, Museums and Aquariums

If your area has a nature center, zoo, aquarium, or museum (kids’, art, history, etc.), check to see if they offer classes or volunteer programs for homeschoolers.

Meet Homeschoolers through Church


If you’re not a secular homeschooling family, ask around at your church. You may not find just one homeschooling family, but a whole network that may even include activities or a co-op.

As prolific as homeschooling is now, there are homeschooling families just about everywhere. Finding them may not be as hard as you think once you know where to look.