For us, the heat of summer has begun. I catch myself looking back on the past couple of summers and somewhat lamenting. They haven’t been the awesomely fun filled, carefree, easy going stuff that dreams (or movies) are made of. I clearly remember last summer scrolling quickly through my social media newsfeeds that were filled with family and friends jet-setting here, there and everywhere.

And while we were together as a family, due to circumstances, there were no family vacations. No smiling pictures in front of historical landmarks or breath taking scenery. Quite honestly, our summer vacations could have been entitled, “How to Have Fun when Life is Anything But”!

After much contemplation and eating sour grapes, I realize there are “those” seasons in life. Coveting someone else’s season does nothing to lift the air in my own home.  So, instead of lamenting “woe is me”, I begin to search for things to celebrate.

Wanting to break out of a rut, this morning I turned up some goofy music, danced like no one was watching, got the kids to participate and shared some good old fashioned belly laughs.

Laying aside my preconceived ideals, we celebrate the little things:  smiley pancakes for breakfast, swimming while everyone else is at school, making sugar cookie maps for our geography lesson.  But mostly making the best of our situation emphasizing what we DO have.

And I am left with a bigger picture. While things aren’t perfect and will never be, you take what you do have an create something beautiful from it. With determination, perseverance and love it is possible to create long lasting good memories.

Today is a clean slate. How you choose to fill it is up to you. In spite of your circumstances how will you choose to create the atmosphere in your home and create the memories that your children will hold for their lifetime?

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