My son was recently reading a book stating that every child in America knows what happened on the most famous date in history, December 17, 1903, the day that the Wright brothers took their first flight. My son’s immediate response was, “that is not the most important date in our history! July 4, 1776 is!” I kind of chuckled, but agree, if the powerful events of July 4, 1776 never happened then the freedom to create, build and fly a machine such as the Wright brothers did, may have never been apt to happen!

I love the enthusiasm that my children show for our country. When we drive by a flag that is half mast, they take notice. When they see the color guard performing their duties, they pay attention. It is important to me that they respect our country and what it represents. Though many would argue that we have fallen so far from the original intentions that our founding fathers had for this country, I still try hard to teach my children to respect, love and support our nation.

In the midst of the picnics, fireworks and celebrations this fourth of July, how can we teach our children to remember what we are celebrating?

Read The Declaration of Independence

Each year, we read the Declaration of Independence as a family. The first year we did it, I was floored at the statements that these men were actually declaring at the time and was determined to start a tradition to remind not only myself but my children of the determination these men had to fight for freedom.

Dress In Red, White and Blue

Maybe you plan to dress your kids up in cute patriotic colors anyways, or perhaps you find the idea a bit cheesy. The way I see it is, other people find it important to stand up for children by wearing red noses on red nose day or by they wear a ribbon to support their favorite cause. Those aren’t causes that I choose to promote heavily but I do support my country and by wearing it’s colors on the fourth is one simple way to show it.

Get Crafty

Once you’ve shared with your children the importance of our country’s freedom and it’s history, make a craft to help them remember what they have learned. A fun, simple craft for kids is a flag inspired mason jar vase.

Materials Needed:

  • 2 Clear Quart-Sized Mason Jars
  • Red and White Acrylic Paints
  • Blue Painters Tape or Masking Tape
  • Paint Brush
  • Blue Ribbon

Step One: Clean and dry jars inside and out.

Step Two: Paint both jars white and let them dry completely.

Step Three: To create a striped effect, place two or three strips of tape across the jars so you will have even stripes alternating white and red.

Step Four: Paint the jar red and let dry completely.Step Five: Remove the tape and tie the blue ribbon in a bow near the top of the jar.

Step Six: Fill with water and your favorite fresh flowers!


Sing A Song

Remind your children of the songs that focus on our country, it’s beauty and it’s freedoms. Sing, “It’s A Grand Old Flag,” “America The Beautiful,” “The National Anthem,” or your personal favorite patriotic song. If you want to keep things educational, pick one song to focus on and have your child do copywork for the song. This way they can not only practice their handwriting skills but focus on the words of the song in a more intimate way.