Summer days can be long. Making the days fun while adding in some brain boosting exercises will help them retain information. A summer fun collection can be an assortment of books, games, crafts, and science kits.

Rainbow Resource Center is a great resource for finding great deals on these kinds of items. They even have some packs already assembled for you. When putting together a summer fun collection keep in mind the age of your children, the needs of each child, what each child enjoys, and what you want to get out of the kit.

For my family, I want them to retain reading information such as phonics as well as some math skills. I also want them to get a little science in there. My older boys enjoy drawing A LOT. Their lives revolve around when they can draw next. My youngest son is just learning shapes and colors and patterns.

Some items I have chosen for my family are:

You can make these unique for each child or do one for your whole family. We did one for the whole family. There are some things for my little guy (4) and some things for the older two boys. Some will be challenging and some will be easy peasy. My older boys help my younger son. It has created an environment of teamwork and love toward one another.

I have everything in our kit sitting in a large basket in the family room. They can get these items out anytime as long as they put them back neatly. They love having access to fun things while learning at the same time. It counts as school for us some days!