Ballet class. Karate. Soccer practice. For some parents, it seems like all they ever do is drive their child from one place to the other. It’s no wonder that America is struggling to keep the tradition of family dinners alive. The family structure is falling apart on so many levels and we have to ask ourselves, why? Even in the homeschooling world, it is easy for parents and children to rush through the “school work” just to get to out the door to the next activitiy. Are we teaching our kids to love their home? Is home a safe haven that our children can grow and thrive in? We want to create homes where our children long to be. A place where they feel safe and secure. A place where their friends want to come and hang out. Rather than treating our kids like we don’t want them around, we need to remind them that they are a part of something great, our family!

One way to achieve this goal is to provide extracurricular activities that your children can excel in at home. I’m not talking about signing them up for classes or sports teams. I’m speaking of skills that you can teach them in the comfort of their own home. Trust me, it’s wonderful for your child to grow in simple skills at home rather than being glued to digital devices all day. It’s amazing to me that, yes, some days go by and my older boys won’t even ask once to play computer games. Sometimes they just become so caught up in filing their new knife that they’ve created or a fort they are building in the woods. It really isn’t that hard for children minimize their screen time, they are wired to explore, learn and grow, they just need the opportunities to be provided.

Here’s a list of 6 Hobbies Your Child Can Do At Home

Kid's Hobbies: Photography


Just give your child a camera and let them loose! At first the pictures might be goofy, out of focus and seemingly pointless. Once they get the hang of it through, they can quickly develop an eye for what makes a good picture.

Kid's Hobbies: Make a Sling

Make a Sling

All you need is some paracord and a good YouTube video (see below) and you are on your way to defeating giants! No, seriously. Slings (not slingshots) are an actual weapon.

Make sure you treat sling shooting like archery or rifle practice. If done right, a sling can do some intense damage but it sure is a whole lot of fun! Have your kids already had their hand in slinging? Try making this more difficult version which involves creating a loom first:

Kid's Hobbies: Puzzles


I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find these used at Goodwill, and, with all the pieces! Are the employees secretly putting them together and checking for all the pieces before bringing them out front? And when I say puzzles I mean the several hundred or even thousand piece ones. That’s right! Something your child can begin one day and work at it in their free time. Once it is finished, there is an awesome sense of accomplishment!

Kid's Hobbies: Metal Detecting

Metal Detecting

I’m a huge fan of hobbies that might make a little extra cash. Yes, it’s only pennies here and dimes there but for a kid it’s so much more than that! They love the thrill of seeking and finding. It takes a certain type of kid to fall in love with this hobby but when he does, there is no stopping him! Video games will be the furthest thing from his mind.

Kid's Hobbies: Chess


This hobby takes two to tango but it is a great skill to have. This game causes you to think and strategize. It’s also good for kids who are emotional and expressive. It teaches them to calm down and relax so they do not give away any clues to their opponent.

Kid's Hobbies: Music

Musical Instruments

Help your child develop a love for music when they are young. Yes, you may have to leave the home for lessons once in awhile, but still, this is a hobby your child can practice at home, each and every day. If they are bored, they can relieve their nerves with some music therapy. Even if the skill isn’t completely there, it can be healing for a young child to play basic tunes on a piano, guitar or violin.