Regardless of the season, boys will have energy. Even if the sun isn’t shining or it may be sprinkling, consider planning outdoor activities that your boys can look forward to at the end of their homeschool day.

Think of it as an incentive. Boys are wired to be active. Forced to sit and “do school” can be daunting and frustrating in their little minds. The work certainly needs to get done, but, breaking up a child’s routine by providing simple, classic, fun activities once in awhile can help relieve stress and tension! Even if the weather isn’t perfect, plan an activity once or twice a week (or more!) that encourages your boys to get outside.

30 Activity Ideas for Boys

  1. Climb a Tree
  2. Fly a Kite
  3. Throw a Baseball
  4. Ride a Bike
  5. Wade in a Creek
  6. Learn to Shoot a Bow and Arrow
  7. Make a Slingshot
  8. Whittle a Stick
  9. Rollerblade
  10. Build a Teepee
  11. Go On a Nature Scavenger Hunt
  12. Plant a Garden
  13. Paint Rocks
  14. Go Fishing
  15. Take a Hike
  16. Make a Bonfire
  17. Create a Blowgun
  18. Sidewalk Chalk Paint
  19. Take Nature Photographs
  20. Paint a Landscape
  21. Leaf Rubbings
  22. Make a Nature Wreath
  23. Dig Up Worms For Fishing Bait
  24. Make Snow Paint
  25. Create An Obstacle Course
  26. Make a Bean Bag Toss (Cornhole)
  27. Play Hopscotch
  28. Water Balloon Toss
  29. Forage For Food
  30. Three Legged Races

Need more inspiration? Check out these books for more ideas: